Wood – best-quality regional wood.

We love to carve statues of linden and stone pine.

Laboratorio scultori

Wood is one of the most beautiful, most precious and most elegant raw materials, thanks to its natural colour and its continuous change. Wood is cherished in many quarters because of the characteristic grain, which lends that certain something to a wooden statue. Wood lives and breathes, it changes with time – in the positive sense. Wood is cherished throughout the world, many works have been built and created with it – it is lauded by the following adjectives: warm, natural, beautiful and elegant, cosy and comfortable, healthy and clean, animate. Celebrate your statue made of wood!

Particolare Cristo in legno di tiglio e cirmolo
Intaglio del legno

Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875’s wood is carefully selected and first-class. Before being processed, the wood is dried naturally. In these art workshops, renowned woods such as stone pine (from the pine family) and linden wood are used as softwoods and oak wood, nut wood, chestnut and mahogany woods as hardwoods.

Celebrate your sculpture in wood!

Robert Stuflesser - Owner
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